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YESTECH YTV-2050 In-Line AOI Machine


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•  Inline Automated Optical Inspection System (pics below)
• Adjustable Conveyor
• Camera Indexing Head
• Top Camera
• 4 Side Cameras
•  Vintage: 2005
• Multifunctional all purpose system with top-down and 4 side viewing cameras
• Throughput:  10 sq. in./ sec. >250,000 cph
• Maximum PCB Size: 22" x 20"
• Clearance: 2" Top and Bottom
• Minimum Component Size: 0201; 01005 with high magnification option
• Defects Detected: Component: position, missing, wrong, polarity, skew, tombstone
• Lead: bent, lifted, bridging
• Solder: open, insufficient, short, solder balls
• Software/Algorithms: Normalized correlation, OCV, OCR, barcode recognition and rule-based
• CAD Input: Pick and place data, CAD x-y data
• CAD Translation Package: Excel, Circuitcam, Unicam, CIMBridge, Fabmaster
• Operating System: Windows XP
• Outputs: Real-time SPC outputs reporting first pass yield, defect by classification,
   reference designator and part number with remote monitoring
• Hardware: Material Handling: USB 2, SMEMA, dual direction auto width conveyor
• Lighting: LED top light, proprietary cold cathode fluorescent side light
• Imager: Multiple Thin CameraTM mega-pixel color cameras Resolution 1280 x 1024; 25 micron pixel size
• Machine Power: 110VAC ( 220 optional ) 50/60 Hz, 15 amps
• Machine Dims: 55” x 57” x 50” (1400mm x 1450mm x 1270mm)
• Approx Weight:2,200 lbs (1000 kg)  

YESTECH YTV2050 AOI Machine Automated Optical Inspection,

YESTECH YTV2050 AOI Machine Automated Optical Inspection, InLine SMT AOI Machine


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