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Heller 1826 MK5 High Volume-Production, Nitrogen Capable

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•Yr: 2015  --->  scroll down for photos
•The 1826 is a workhorse that provides consistent performance for High Volume Requirements while   minimizing preventative maintenance & floor space.  
• Enhanced flow heater modules with 40% larger impellar: blankets the PCB with heat for the lowest delta Ts on the toughest boards.
•Uniform Gas Management System: Eliminates net flow which results in Nitrogen reductions of up to 40%
•KIC on board: Instant profile settings by entering length, width and weight of your PCB + Extensive profile/paste library with dynamic structure
•Heller’s Proprietary Energy Management Software: allows Programming exhaust draw to optimize energy consumption during various production times – heavy, light or idle
•ECD Process Control: Innovative software package provides three levels of process control from Oven
  CpK, to Process CpK and Product Traceability, this software ensure that all parameters are optimized
  and SPC reporting is fast and easy
•Overall Length: 183” (465 cm)
•Heat Zones: 8 Top/8 Bottom
•Cool Zones: 2 Top
•Heated Tunnel Length: 102” (260cm)

HELLER 1826 MK 5 HELLER 182 MK 5 HELLER 1826 MK 5


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