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Electrovert Vectra ES 2012 Lead Free Wave Solder

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• Year 2012 ---> scroll down for photos
• Process: Lead Free Qualified/Optimized
• NITROGEN Capability!
• Operating system: Windows XP (Win 7 upgrade available, Additional Cost Applicable)
• External Electronic Spray Fluxer Head (Easily accessible for routine maintenance)
• UltraFill is the Ideal Nozzle combined with Nitrogen: Promotes Positive Hole Fill, Eliminates Bridges, Icicles and Reduces Dross Generation
• Motorized / Software controlled Conveyor, Manual Width Adjust
• Rigid intermix of Fingers (V & L)
• Automatic Adjustable Pot Height/Melonite coated
• Solder Level Control
• Preheat Zones 3 Bottom Convection and 2 Top IR
• Forced Convection for Bottom Preheat Zone
• 18” Process Width
• Machine Length with rail guides: 3.45M (136”)
• Standard Main Wave
• Wave Height: 12.7mm
• External Servo Spray Fluxer
   This is a servo-controlled reciprocating spray module featuring air  atomizing nozzle technology to ensure spray uniformity & positive hole penetration.
• Auto Lead Clearance Adjustment
• Power: 380V, 3phase, 38.8KVA, 50Hz, Max Amp 71.3


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