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New Lead-Free Wave Solder

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Compact CE Certified Economical Lead-Free Wave Solder
• PLC / Touch Screen Control System
• Temperature Controls
• PCB Count
• PCB Parameter Menu
• Profile Testing
• Alarm Setting
• Wave Motor Controls
• Timer Function
• Control Flux speed, movement & stoppage
• Full Titanium Dual Wave Solder Pot made with Ti 3mm thick Material
Solder pot fitted with Quick Connect to for fast Solder Pot Change Over from Lead Free to Tin-Lead
• Specially designed Guide rail reduces deformation caused by heat
• Inline Titanium Finger Conveyor
• Stepper driven spray Fluxer
• 2 Bottom Pre-Heaters
• Outside Mount Cast Iron Heater ensures Longevity of Solder Pot
• Conveyor Angle Indicator
• Easy Heater Removal for Maintenance
• Easily change out Blowers
• 1yr Manufacturer Warranty

Machine Dims LxWxH: 10.3' x 4.1' x 5.25'
PCB Width: 1.18" to 15.75"
Pot Volume: 859 lbs
Machine Weight: 1654 lbs
Controller: Panel Control
Conveyor Speed: 200-1500mm/Min
Flux Volume: 6.5 Liters
Alcohol Volume: 4.5 Liters
Conveyor: Left to Right
Spray Drive: Stepper Motor Driven
Preheat: 2 Hot Air Convection Zones
Preheat Power: 4kw/zone
Solder Pot Material: Ti
Solder Pot Heater: Cast Iron Heaters
Wave: Dual Wave
Wave Type: Turbulent first wave
Solder Melt Time: 60min
Solder Pot: Manual Up/down, Manual In/Out
Solder Angle: 3-6 degrees
Air Supply: 3-5 Bar
Power: 3phase 220v

Pre-heat Section Conveyor Angle Indicator Sprayer Stepper Motor Driver Spray Flux Section
ST Eline Preheat      
Dual Wave Ti Solder Pot Easy Heater Removal Easily Change Blower CE Certified Wiring








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