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DEK Horizon APiX

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• Yr: 2010
• Screen Frame Size Max: 736x736mm (29x29 inches)
• Screen Frame Thickness: 25 to 38mm (1 to 1.5"
• Vision: Cognex
• Fiducial Recognition: Automatic Fid Teach & Find
  2-3 Fiducials, 0.1mm-3mm
• Print Pressure: 0 to 20kg
• Print Speed: 2mm/sec to 300mm/sec
• Width Adjust: Programmable motorized rear rail
• Pcb Size:
     Min: 50x40.5mm (1.96x4.59 inches) XY
     Max: 510x508.5mm (20.07x201.01 inches) XY
• Pcb Thickness: 0.2mm-6mm (0.00 - 0.236 inches)
• Pcb Underside Clearance: programmable 3 to 42mm (0.118 to 1.65 inches)
• Machine Alignment: 2.0 cpk +/- 12.5um (+/- 6Sigma)
• Process Alignment: 2.0 cpk +/- 20um (+/- 6Sigma)
• Core Cycle: 8 Sec
• Maximum Print Area: 510mm  x 508mm Y (20.08 x 20 inches)
• Operating System: Windows 7
• Operator Interface Colour TFT touch screen display w/ DEK Instinctiv Software (TM)
• Camera Positioning: Rotary Motors w/ 4 Micron Resolution
• Camera: HAWKEYE 750 Digital Camera
• Stencil Positioning: Automated loading incorporating squeegee drip tray
• Stencil Alignment: Motorized via actuators X, Y, & Theta
• Under Stencil Cleaning: Blue Under Stencil Cleaner, fully programmable w/ Wet/dry/vacuum wipe w/external solvent
• Vacuum Assist for Under Stencil Cleaning: on board vacuum unit 35liters/sec airflow
• Temperature & Humidity Sensor: Monitor process environment


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