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Aqueous SMT 800 Series Batch Cleaning System

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• SMT 800 Series ZD
• Power: 208V Single Phase
• Designed for SMT and through-hole defluxing
• Lead-free flux removal
• Target impact pressure of 12.8 ounces per square inch
• Enhanced SPC data recording and programmable maintenance software included
• No need for a drain line
• Allows for easy compliance with environmental ordinances
• Fully compatible with all flux types
• Built-in water heater
• ESD-safe board rack
• On-board filtration system
• Feature dual High Performance segregated spray pumps with the system
• 2 Separate pumps prevents cross contamination of wash solution and rinse water
• 2 Separate pumps Ensure consistent wash chemical concentrations and maximum rinse efficiency in the deflux process


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SMT800 SMT Series SMT800 SMT Series Batch Cleaner



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